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What's Happening at RISSE

Enjoy these two writings from students in our Adult ESL Level 2
October 2017

My Story of Coming to America-by a refugee.

My name is Hernawati Musta. I am from Indonesia, but I lived in Malaysia with my family. Then I came to America as a refugee. I have two children- both are boys. We hoped to move to America so our lives would be better than in Malaysia. I and my husband are from different countries. He is from Myanmar. I and my children do not speak Burmese. We use the Malay language to communicate. When I first came to America I was not happy because I didn't understand English. When we had appointments we needed an interpreter. It is very important to know English. I wanted to learn English and got information about an ESL class at RISSE. When I first went there I registered and took a test. I asked to be placed in the 1st level class. I was put in the 2nd level class. I want to practice speaking English because sometimes I want to say something and I don't know how to say it in a sentence. For me it was very hard to learn English. Every word has many meanings and some similar words have different meanings. It was also difficult to learn all the different meanings. Now I am learning English every day. RISSE also helps you with problems with DSS and will also find a job for you. I like RISSE and am happy to learn English like reading, writing, speaking and understanding the meaning of words. Thank you so very much to all the teachers for teaching the English language. Had I not learned English at RISSE, I would not have progressed in learning English as much as I have.

Hernawati Musta (RISSE ESOL Adult Program Level 2 )

Coming from Afghanistan- My Story

I am Latifa Hotak. I am from Afghanistan. I was born in the Balamorghab District. I was a mid-wife in my country. I came here in October of 2016. We live in Albany, in New York State. I have three children, all boys. Their names are Abddmaten, Mirag and Noorhadla who is the youngest. My family still lives in Afghanistan in the Heart Province. I have a father, mother, brothers and two sisters. My brothers and sisters are all married. Afghanistan is an agricultural country. Ninety-nine percent of Afghanistan's people are Muslim and 1 percent is Hindu. Afghanistan has an Islamic government with a president and a parliament. The distinction between Afghans and Americans is very different. I am glad to meet different people and different types of people. It is good for me to live here because I can study and live calmly.

Latifa Hotak (RISSE ESOL Adult Program Level 2 )

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