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A Story from a RISSE After School Program Teacher
November 2017

My name is Naila Rita and I have been a teacher in the RISSE After School Program for the last six years. I’ve had many good experiences with our refugee students. Each student has different needs and presents different challenges, but they all find their own way into my heart. One student, Kushal, came to Albany with his family from Nepal. Kushal was very shy and unable to communicate due to a language barrier. The only thing he could do was react to his surroundings. He didn’t want to come to school and would run out of class. Kushal did not like any of his classmates or teachers because nobody could understand him, and his answer to everything was always “NO.” He was very aggressive with the other kids and constantly said he hated everything. When I talked to his mom about his behavior she started crying and her tears taught us how to help him. Kushal wanted extra attention and love. Once I made him my special class leader he quickly improved, starting to do his homework on his own. No matter how much care I gave him he gave me back more care, love, and attention. He would ask me why he didn’t see me on days I was absent and tell me his stories. Kushal improved in class got four certificates in his final exam from school. One day he told me their family was moving to another state. I was sad to see him go, but I am happy that he is independently able to work and now shows interest in doing his work. I still miss him. Thank you.

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